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"Into the Light"
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Feedback from Milwaukee


What was most helpful to you today?

Enjoyed the entire day


Vocal Technique & Worship Team Dynamics

Worship 101 & Worship Team Dynamics

Worship 101 - helps to reinforce the truths, Worship team run-through and thanks for letting me run sound - that was great experience for me

Worship 101 - relating the worship to the people rather than at them as a forced experience.  (How to make

  Contemporary worship a "want to" experience)

Reinforcement of things I have talked about in the past.  Voice technique very helpful

Role of  the Worship Team (Worship 101)

Meeting people, witnessing the differences between us and that anything may be accomplished through


What possibilities exist in usage of music in our new worship service in the future.  Also, how to coordinate the interaction of the worship team dynamics (almost everyone on our team will be new to this)

We are starting a contemp. Svc.  Got me thinking about all the specifics

Diversity of team players demonstrated. Emphasis on worship members being individually prepared!

How to do rehearsal

Watching the whole band work together to see each instrument work.  Also the singing lesson was helpful

I was blessed to yield to the Holy Spirit and learned how to worship in Spirit and in Truth

I learned how to start a Praise & Worship Team.  We are just beginning this ministry at our church

The practical hands-on approach by Sean - not just lecture.

How to get a praise group organized

Instruction for leadership - exaggerate and easy to follow - forget about boxes!

The history of worship in the Lutheran church; The goal is not hands raised up but lives laid down

The "How to's" of leading worship


Feedback from Baltimore


Living Water Ev Luth Church


What are your overall impressions of the Weekend Consultation?

 Very intense and challenging.  The concert was AWESOME!

Refreshing, very uplifting but a lot to fit into one weekend.

Awesome, powerful, spirit-filled

It is good to be reminded of the truths of God that are easy to forget, to remember God is everywhere, that Omaha worships the same God as Baltimore.  I also liked hearing music theory things and being allowed to play and feel the tunes.

It was a wonderfully exhausting experience – a true eye-opener.

Rehearsals were really good and we learned how to sing in the mics better

As usual, God had plans other than what we hand in mind J What a powerful time of prayer and experiencing God’s nearness.  Thanks for following His lead instead of the script.

It was not what I expected

Very professional.  Very spirit-filled!

Fun, spiritual, exciting, and heart-warming


Feedback from Hot Springs


(Held 2/10/01 at First Lutheran, Hot Springs, Arkansas)


What are your overall impressions of the Weekend Consultation?


It was very good.  You are very likable to us.  Thanks!

It was a wonderful opportunity to talk about contemporary worship and learn new songs and techniques.


Great – very helpful and informative

Awesome, Sean is so musically gifted and a great teacher.

Excellent – we learned so much and had a ball doing it! We thank God for Sean, Julie and King of Kings!


Very interesting and informative

Wonderful (Praise God)