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Sean and Julie Swanson

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Real (2004)

Recorded live at King of Kings June 9, 2004, and finished in the studio all summer long, "Real" is a collection of worship songs that connect with God in a real way.  "There's enough hype and hypocrisy in the world, and God is calling us to have a real relationship with him." Sean states.  "These songs come from a bunch of people, loving on Jesus".  Don't miss the chance to be drawn into the presence of the living God and Get "Real"


Track Listing/Audio mp3 Clips
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  1. Channel Nine
  2. Real
  3. Mercy Flows Down
  4. Come
  5. God-Sized
  6. Praises
  7. Complete Me
  8. Lord I Want to Thank You
  9. Holy Are You Lord
  10. Sing
  11. Savior of the World
  12. Joy and Thanksgiving
  13. In Your Presence