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Sean and Julie Swanson

Megan Julia Swanson


Into the Light (2002)

The Culmination of 18 months of production featuring all live recordings, Sean & Julie bust out with "Into the Light". From the opening riff of the thought provoking "WWJD?" all the way through the final strains of the command to "Go Where I Send You", you'll hear the passion of the Christian walk expressed in the music. "Savior of the World" is quickly becoming a congregational favorite across the country. This guitar-centric album throws down a groove that will make your body move and fills your soul with words of inspiration.


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  1. WWJD
  2. Into the Light
  3. Let's All Get Together
  4. Savior of the World
  5. Hiding Place
  6. In You
  7. I Am Free
  8. Let's Talk About Jesus
  9. More Than Words
  10. Turn Your Face Towards the Son
  11. Holy Are You, Lord
  12. Go Where I Send You